Thursday, 22 April 2010

So I have finally started writing a little bit of my dissertation today- a whole 250 words. I'm still not sure what it is i've discovered or what i'm even looking for but I think it was soon tell me when I start writing it. I think basically what i'm saying is that new media technologies are being implemented within schools to make them relevant and engaging for an emerging generation who experience these technologies as part of their everyday realities. However the agenda and execution is being carried out by a generation that doesnt quite understand it. There is a need for greater education of implementing such systems like Learning Platforms but more importantly a greater understanding of the social impact New Media techologies have on society. Are we just making ourselves increasingly isolated or are we creating a global village?

My friend Hobbit Tom and I have been discussing the leader's debate and have both agreed that Cameron should never have agreed to do it. Its not winning him votes we feel. Hobbit Tom and I want Clegg and Brown to tag team. Tom likes that Clegg has a Spanish wife like Henry VIII and I like that Brown is quiet and looks like he knows a smutty joke or two...!

In other news I seem to have chocolate on my boob....yum. Oh and I assaulted my housemate with a Mars Bar. He now has a fat lip and I now have a lovely funny memory.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

My 1st Blog

After threatening to create a cyber rant of my thoughts I have finally commited and started a wee little blog. Hopefully this will inspire me to live a life worthy of a blog, i'm thinking somewhere between Belle de Jour and Barack Obama. Currently life involves endless procrasitating activities which ensure that I do not actually tackle the beast that is my dissertation. Initially my dissertation dealt with the rise of the social self and the implications this has had on the British Educational system, but i'm not too sure that is what I have found. It certainly is interesting to see what our children are exposed to via social technologies and how adept they are. Hopefully this blog will help me think through and discuss my findings!

The live election debate tonight was rather interesting as well. I particularly tuned in when educational reforms were discussed and like Clegg's idea of a streamlined and autonomous curriculum. I get scared when Brown talks about Academy schools as being the saviour of standards! But more importantly I conducted my own opinion poll and found that 75% of people think that Gordon Brown has the fattest cock!

Right now off to live life! I look forward to my new adventures!