Tuesday, 14 September 2010

180- A sudden change in lifestyle

Gosh- I have been very neglectful with me wee little blog. My readership of 1 (me) have been hounding me excessively to update and I have finally succumed and given into my fan(s).

It is rather interesting keeping a blog just as a fixed pinpoint of your state of mind at that time. My predications about the election were obviously way off and to be honest I am still with holding judgement on this coliation government. I have rather enjoyed Cameron and Clegg's low profile compared to the previous government. I suppose coming in to power on the unpopularist vote you had better get on with the job!

Now to the real issues- my life! I finally tamed the beast that was the disso and was amazed to be awarded an 'A' for my efforts. The more I look into social media technologies, the more I am convinced that they will lead to a evolutionary shift in human behaviour. School is a great instituation where we can harness and control this change to ensure we are not isolated-social beings, tap tap tapping away talking to all and sundry but unable to be neighbours within our own communities. There is a need to educate the next generation on this new communicative tool and i'm not convinced we have the right people doing the job.

I am hopefully applying for my teaching training placement later this month and would really like to focus on ICT and its implementation across the curriculum- not just in a allocated timeslot. I am currently working as a PA within a financial organsisation. Within my small dept, we are based across three geographic locations, including NYC. I have recently organised training for my colleagues to be proficient in Live Meeting so we can communicate and collaborate across the various sites. For me, this shows how small the world is becoming. Children today need to learn to effectively communicate accordingly, not only to their peers and adults but increasingly with the whole world.


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